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Full Spectrum Oil 1000mg


This is a powerful Full Spectrum Oil with no additives, liquifying agents or solvents, it’s all plant.  The health benefits of Full Spectrum Oils are just being realized now.


Comes in a syringe not Vape Pen

The same high quality CO2 oil found in Pure Pulls vapes combined with magical terpenes.  The natural terpenes are mixed with THC delivering a high quality Full Spectrum Oil.  This then can be added to food, beverage, dabbed or vaped.  The oil come in a syringe dropper, so you can precisly measure your dose.  Each syringe contain 1000mg of Full Spectrum THC

Dosage:  We recommend 1 drop per 3 hours.  Please wait 1 hour before doing any activities requiring a clear mind.

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Tripple Dip, Zombie Apocalypse Stack, Grand Daddy Purple *i, Tangie *s, Blue Dream *h

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