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Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil 1000mg


Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil in a surgical grade syringe.


Our Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil (FSCO) Syringe comes in a surgical grade syringe.  The syringe is glass and the plunger is  stainless steel.  The syringe tip is complete with a Luer Lock system. As a result, this locks in 100% of the oil, preventing contamination and waste.

The syringes are colour coded with a sacred geometric symbol representing a specific strain.  We simply use pure FSCO extracted from gorgeous flowers in a CO2 extraction machine. In other words there is no additives, no flavouring……no BS.

Cartridge Filling Instructions

1. The Luer Lock system unscrews on one end and separates from the syringe. The other half remains attached.
2.  Get yourself a 16g needle from any drug or pharmacy store
3.  Place the syringe with the Luer Lock in place into warm/hot water for 10 minutes.  This makes the oil easier to inject.
4.  Take the syringe out of the water after 10 minutes, un-screw and remove the one half of the Luer Lock from the syringe and attach the 16 gauge needle tip to the syringe. The 16 gauge needle screws onto the syringe.
5.  Remove the tip of the refillable cartridge, insert the needle tip into the cartridge and inject.  Do not over fill the cartridge, leaving a small air pocked allowing the tip to screw back on.
7.  Remove the 16g needle and screw back on the other half of the Luer Lock.
8. Enjoy!
Additional information

Tangie *s, Critical Cure *I (White), East Coast Sour Diesel *S (Blue), Bruce Banner *H s/i (Green), Green Crack *S (Pink), The Hulk *1:1 (Purple), Chemical Nightmare *H s/i (Black), Godfather OG *I (Orange), 777

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