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March 18, 2019
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Premium Hashish Infused Pre-Rolls


The Best Hashish Infused Pre-Rolls on planet Earth, period.

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If any of the below apply to you, simply add to cart.

A. You don’t have the time to roll
B. You can’t roll worth s#*t
C. You want to impress Snoop Dogg
D. You want to smoke the absolute best joint of your life

Each Supreme Pre-Roll combines Destiny premium flower with Hashish created by Hashy Hands. This is the next level of pre rolled joints. When the name Hashy Hands or Destiny is mentioned, automatically assume Supreme quality in all aspects.

Each Supreme Pre-Roll contains 1+ G of flower and 0.3 G of hashish.


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Wedding Cake *H, Blue Magoo *H, Tangie *S, BC Big Bud *H, Banana Sherbert *I, The Duke *S, Pinkman Goo *I, Fire OG * H, Mini Baller, Half Baller, Its gonna be a shaker

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